is your dream to be a professional dog trainer?

The Dog Training Internship Academy could be for you.

The Dog Training Internship Academy is a unique, 4-month internship program for anyone striving for excellence in science-based pet dog training and professional client consultation.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the program runs from January through April, from May through August, and from September through December each year and admits only 6 students per cycle. With a part-time course of approximately 14 hours of study and practice per week on evenings and weekends, you can continue running your business or working at your day job while you attend DTIA.

We give you the skills needed to confidently address any issue you might come across in your work with dogs. As a DTIA graduate, you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you can change dog behavior and help your clients.

We teach-and use-only force-free training methods.

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Earn a Certificate in Training and Behavior Consultation: 

Session starting on September 1, 2015 is FULL.

Applications now open for January 2016 in San Francisco, California. 

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Dog Training Excellence. One Trainer At A Time.